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Have a question about irrigation systems? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions new clients have before investing in a property irrigation system. 
Do you work on residential and commercial properties?
Yes. We install and service sprinkler systems on a wide variety of residential and commercial properties
Do you offer free estimates?
Absolutely. Simply give us a call or contact us here to schedule us to come to your home or property for a FREE ESTIMATE.
Do you service existing lawn sprinkler systems as well as install new ones?
Yes. Currently we have approximately 2,500 clients that we perform yearly maintenance and repairs for.
What is involved in yearly maintenance?
Usually twice a year we visit your home. In the spring we activate your system, check all sprinkler heads for correct function and coverage of your lawn, repair any damaged sprinkler heads or lines and program your timer to run the system appropriately.
   In the fall we come to your home to "winterize' the system. This includes turning the water off and timer off for the season and blowing out any water in the lines with an air compressor to avoid any freezing during the winter months.
How long does a new installation of a sprinkler system take?
The average installation usually takes 1-2 days. In most cases we can complete the installation in one day with weather permitting.
How will my sprinkler system be programmed?
Every sprinkler system is run with a digital controller to allow to allow specific to allow specific watering for each individual property. You may decide that you wish to run the system less in the back yard (more shade) than the front yard (all sun). You can also run the flower and shrub areas more or less than the lawn areas. Every sprinkler system can be set up to maximize the use of water for your individual needs.
What happens if it is raining, will my sprinkler system still run?
No. Each sprinkler system is equipped with a rain sensor device which will prevent the system from running during and after the rain.
Which products do you use?
We use Rainbird and Hunter irrigation parts which is BEST in the market. Every product used in your yard is the exact same product that we use on our own personal sprinkler systems.
Is there a warranty on these parts?
Yes. There is a 2 year warranty on all parts that we use.
Will my lawn be damaged during the installation process?
During the installation process we will be installing new heads and piping throughout the property using a machine that "slices" the ground to avoid trenching. Every effort is made to have your yard look exactly the same as when we showed up to start.
Will there be any damage to my underground utilities?
We contact a service called Dig Safe on all new installations. This is a free service offerd in Massachusetts that will mark all telephone, cable, water and gas lines throughout your property prior to the installation. Every attempt will be made to avoid all existing lines and piping throughout the yard. 
Is Designer Lawn Sprinkler Service fully insured?
Absolutely. We are fully licensed and insured.
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